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Every day, more than 10,000 new high quality fashion looks and 1,500 high quality fashion videos are added on Indian social media. That is, while you take a sip of coffee, one new fashion look is added for you to get you inspired from. These fashion looks sport inspiring fashion from Indian movies, celebrity events, and influencer blogs. Such inspiring fashion on the web presents delightful shopping opportunities for millions fashion consumers. Imagine if all of a sudden, all these looks become shoppable so that you can instantly shop fashion styles of your favourite celebrities from your favourite on-line stores.

Infilect has indeed made it a reality. With Infilect’s state-of-the-art fashion intelligence toolbox, it is now possible to link millions of inspiring fashion photos and videos to matching e-commerce fashion products. Infilect’s flagship consumer product Huew (pronounced “hue-you”) hosts a large repository of fashion inspirations that you can shop instantly. Inflect also has B2B SaaS platform that helps media, entertainment, advertising companies to monetize the photos and videos on their respective web-properties.

Have you ever wished to buy famous celebrity styles; the cool denim jacket of Shahrukh Khan, or the ethereal floral tie-neck top of Deepika Padukone, or the pleasing embroidered kurti of Alia Bhatt?

source: Pinterest

There are literally thousands of such “shop from look” request that we receive every day at Huew. Such celebrity content, that is now widely available on social media, and that is easily accessible on smart-phones, is redefining the way fashion is being sold on-line. And make no mistake, this demand is not just restricted to fashion but today’s consumers are increasingly getting influenced by content in home-decor, travel, food, and many other industries.

If thousands of such celebrity fashion photos are being created every single day, how do you make all them shoppable? For instance, how do you describe the above Deepika Padukone look in words? And how do you search across different e-commerce destinations to find the exact style match? Now imagine thousands of users posting several hundreds of such looks into Huew every single day. How on earth do we fulfil this massive demand at scale? These are incredibly hard questions to answers. Unless, of course, if not answered via machine intelligence?

Can we train a software machine to automatically parse thousands of photos and videos every day, and figure out what fashion items exist in those photos and videos? There are more than 30 different types of western wear (e.g., dresses, tops, jumpsuits, jeans), more than 15 different types of ethnic wear (e.g., sherwani, lehenga, saree), different types of footwear, bags, hand-wear, and eye-wear. How do we teach machines which photo contains what kind of fashion items?

Moreover, Indian fashion e-commerce has more than 10M fashion items. How do we design an intelligent software to search across this huge catalog of products to find the best matches for each of the fashion items? How do we ensure that we find the exact matches so that every fashion attribute, such as color, style, neck-type exactly matches the fashion item?

At Infilect, we are quite excited by the potential machine intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve these technical problems. To automatically parse and match fashion photos, our team has created a unique AI toolbox. Given a photo or a video, this toolbox automatically and instantly parses the content to exactly figure out the fashion items. Notice in the below picture that, it can simultaneously localise and classify multiple fashion objects in a photo. The toolbox then applies an attention based mechanism to accurately describe a fashion item in terms of its fine-level attributes. Finally, the toolbox looks across the catalogue of more than 40 e-commerce stores, and finds the top fashion matches. And wonderfully, all these steps are executed in a flash, taking less than 2 seconds.

As a result, we are able to cater to the huge demand of fashion discovery on Huew. We have seen tens of thousands of fashion seekers visiting Huew, discovering matches to inspiring fashion looks, saving inspiring fashion products to shop later, and making hundreds of transactions on our partner e-commerce sites, every single day.

These are truly exciting times to delight millions of consumers by simplifying their shopping experience. Go one, open a tab in your browser, visit Huew, browse through thousands of celebrity styles, and save or shop your fashion products instantly. If you are a web publisher or a content media company, get in touch with us to make your content shoppable. If you are an entertainment media company, delight your customers with a shopping experience every time they watch videos on your platform.

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