To be the most intelligent processor of visual content on the web

As the Internet becomes pervasive and planet goes more and more digital, the web is getting increasingly dominated by rich visual content in the form of photos, videos, and many other forms of media. These forms of media have been significantly influencing several social and commerce industries such as entertainment, advertising, and retail; industries that we have come to depend upon. Today, with the adoption of smartphones coupled with speedy access to the Internet, massive amount of visual content is getting generated, stored, and distributed on the web. Such explosion of content has posed several critical challenges for several industries. Entertainment industry is grappling with organising large number of video content, advertising industry is battling with the inefficiencies of understanding consumers intents, and retail industry is on the verge of being disrupted by user generated content (UGC). Never before has it become so critical to organise this visual content in order to significantly improve quality of experience in so many industry verticals that are fundamental to our daily lives.

At the same time, the technology to process such visual content is progressing at rapid pace. Especially with the advances in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence technologies, it has now become possible to truly understand and extract information from rich visual content such as photos and videos. Such AI-driven software has potential to solve the content management woes of entertainment, advertising, retail, and many other industries. With the help of AI software, we can now enable content-driven commerce where photos uploaded on social media can be automatically linked to e-commerce products, or we can automatically recognise several objects from photos and videos in order to organise and serve them to the appropriate viewers. There are truly limitless possibilities to improve the future of human life.

It is this future that excites us at Infilect. We are on a mission to create this future that significantly eases human life when it comes to interacting with visual content. We are perpetually driven to invent, innovate, and apply AI technologies to extract meaning and value out of visual content. We are thrilled to touch thousands of lives every day through our B2C and B2B tools and products. Through these tools and products, our vision is to be the most intelligent processor of rich visual content on the web. Come, join Infilect, and be part  of a future defining journey.


Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our international client base. Our team relies on strong experience in technology, scaling technology to software systems that work out of the box, strong sense of design and creative content.

Anand has over 14 years of experience with multi-nationals (Ex-Bell Labs, Ex-IBM Research). He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stony Brook University, NY, USA. He takes care of business and investor relations.

Anand Prabhu Subramanian

Cofounder & CEO

Vijay has over 12 years of experience in building highly scalable software systems and has worked in multinational companies like IBM Research. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from IIT, Bombay. He takes care of product and technology.

Vijay Gabale

Co-Founder & CTO