Enlightening brands, advertisers and many stakeholders through mighty visual social media insights.


Actionable signals from every pixel in social media

Social Media contains a gold mine of user interest information that can be extremely valuable for brand and advertisers. Increasingly, social media is becoming visual. Extracting strong signals from the visual contents such as photos and videos posted on social media and the reactions from users on these visual content can unravel a tremendous user level preference information. Infilect’s Visual Social Intelligence, parses millions of photos and videos from social media every day along with user reactions and extracts user level preference insights.

Visual Social Intelligence Graph


Have you ever thought what your customers are liking/disliking outside your web or app properties? Your customers spend a ton of time and express a lot of interests on social media every day. What if we say exactly what your customers like? what they crave for?

In real-time, specific to a geography and demography.

Every aspect of your business can skyrocket with such visual social signals. Imagine a scenario where you magically know what to stock more and what to stock less? What recommendations can take your conversion rate to the stratosphere? How you craft your marketing message so your CAC drops to zero?


Social media is filled with influential fashion information. It takes several months for trends on the ramp to reach the designers table and then get manufactured and put in front of the customer. What if you have a tool that brings you the latest trends all around the world instantly as they trend and inspire you to create designs that sell like hot cakes?

Your full-price sell-through will skyrocket!

Infilect’s Visual Social intelligence brings a inspirational tool to every designer or manufacturer to spot and forecast latest trends and create awesome designs that sells!


Data Management Platforms (DMP) and Ad agencies buy and sell audience data with segment level information to target display ads to users on publisher sites. Visual social media mining at scale gives extremely actionable information on users likes and dislikes of different brands, products, colours, trends etc. What if social data mining can enrich your audience data with hyper targeting interest information that helps you to increase your customers ROI by 10x?

Sell Hyper Targeted Ads and Improve ROI for your customers

Enrich your audience data in real-time with dynamic, fine-level user interest information that is continuously derived at scale through social media mining.


Skyrocket your business with visual social signals now!