InfiArt: Transform your creatives to attract consumer attention in real environments

A must have tool for every creative agency to make their creatives win!


Creative agencies design numerous marketing creatives in various forms to attract consumer attention in different real-world environments such as airports, malls, and highways to communicate with consumers the right branding message, offers and value add they bring using products advertised. They create digital marketing creatives to attract audience through various digital channels such as social media, search and other channels.


A slow, subjective and expensive affair within creative agencies.

The current work flow creative agencies involve is a slow, subjective and expensive process. Creative agencies create designs that go through subjective review process that are long and error prone. They are not tested in real environments like websites with clutter or in real world environments such as airports, malls and highways.

An instant, objective and convenient way to perform creative design analysis at significantly low cost!

Welcome to the InfiArt world, where every creative agency is empowered with an industry first tool that helps in performing creative design analysis in the “real” context sitting at ones desk!


Using advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that can parse creative designs and understand the relationship between design elements and consumer  psychology, InfiArt analyses creative designs instantly and provides “prescriptive objective feedback” that can be used to improve the quality of the creative tremendously.


In addition to prescriptive feedback, InfiArt also provides instant consumer attention heat map that exactly shows where a consumers first glance falls when viewing the creative in the clutter of a real environment. InfiArt suggests design changes that can improve the design and make it stand out in the clutter of real world environments.

A Single Tool For All Your Creative Design Analysis Needs


Helps improve creative designs such as OOH creatives in malls, airports and highways, and digital creatives used in display advertising.

OOH ads on Highways

Digital Creative in a Social Media Page


Empower yourself with an industry first creative design analysis tool today!