InfiViz: Retail Shelf Intelligence for FMCG/CPG Brands

Know your Stores to Own your Stores!


Consumers love choices and in today’s hyper competitive retail world, there is a vast amount of choices for consumers to choose from when they enter into a retail store. It is extremely critical for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands to understand how their products are sold in every retail store. Shelves become the ultimate touch point for consumers to first interact with the product. Brands who wish to win this “first moment of truth” should have complete control and visibility on how their products are sold. A Nielsen study points that over 70% of decision making happens at the shelf and it is absolutely critical for brands to own this decision making moments with a strong retail strategy.

Gain Visibility

Get unprecedented visibility into “Retail Reality” – accurate, consistent and real-time information on what is selling and isn’t and most importantly “why?”

Understand Competition

Continuously measure how you stack up against your competitor’s retail strategy

Take Action

Instantly flag under-performing stores/retail partners and take quick action

Perfect Strategy

Gain deep actionable insights to perfect your “store strategy” and promotions


A comprehensive suite of insights that provide unprecedented visibility into retail reality


Instantly flag stores, retail chains and regions that have low shelf share for your products and work with in-store category managers to improve it. Correlate your share of shelf to sales data and quickly derive insights on its effect on sales


Want to know how your products are positioned against competitor brands? Eye level positioning can dramatically increase the sell through of your product. Are you missing out on it? Track secondary selling spaces your brand and your competitor occupies to bid for more or less space


Instantly flag stores and regions that provide deeper discount for your competitor products. Work with in-store category managers to price your product competitively. Get real-time visibility into competitive pricing information of all your competitor products across all retail stores every day.


Instantly discover planogram violation and work with category managers to quickly fix them. Discover stores that are less accountable to your brands and improve relationship with them to boost sales.


Instantly identify if your product grabs shopper attention (visually) in the mid of competitor products that are occupying the same shelf. Flag competing products that try to cannibalise your branding with similar packaging that can deceive your customers.


Through deep image parsing of texts, colours and objects, accurately measure how your new planograms look and attract customer attention in the context of your store. Make adjustments that will make your display stand out. Design planogram displays that stands out and grabs customer attention quickly to convey the right marketing message.


Know your competitor’s in-store campaign & promotion strategies.

  • What price are your direct competing products selling?
  • What is the new promotional messaging?
  • How long do their promotions run?
  • How does it cannibalise your product positioning in the store?


Track your brand’s position in it’s category across stores based on share of shelf, positioning, product availability. Quickly get insights how you stand up against your competition among different retail chains (modern trade), store types, and geographical regions. Access your position and take quick action to win the category


Unmatched Accuracy

Unmatched accuracy (> 95%) in image and video analysis giving you the ultimate retail reality irrespective of store conditions

Turnkey Solution

Simple cloud based reporting interface that is a plug and play solution to instantly understand and fine tune your store strategy. Start getting results in less than a month.

AI Powered Analytics

AI powered analytics that quickly shows you the most critical levers to tune to get the best bang for the buck.

Customized Reporting

Customizable reports that can be generated automatically and pushed to different roles (CXOs, category managers, business heads) on a daily basis for quick action


Get unprecedented visibility into retail reality and perfect your retail strategy today!