Empowering Retail Businesses Through Visual Intelligence


Parsing Videos at Scale to Manage and Analyse In-Store Activities

Retail is an ever growing competitive market. Physical Retail stores have grown bigger, stock several thousands of products and have thousands of customers visiting each day. The need for deep understanding of the customer interaction in the store, store design and performance has never been greater. Infilect provides a comprehensive suite of tools to design, analyse, and manage large physical retail stores in a fully automated way.


Plan, iterate and design your entire store in virtual environment

Designing large-format retail stores are complex. It involves serveral factors including the store design, layout of aisles, shelf design and how products are placed in each shelf so that the most attractive brands are seen by consumers as they pass by the aisle. What are the best placements techniques so that consumers buy products that they ‘need’ and ‘want’ very easily?

Imagine the possibility of designing your entire store in a virtual environment using Virtual Reality (VR) technology where you could drop any shelf layout into the store, move it around, change its orientation and instantly get a score on the placement of the shelf. How about getting instant feedback on the visibility and attractiveness of displays or point-of-sale-materials (POSM) that showcase your best bands to your customers?

Give Infilect’s Virtual Store Design and Planner a try today! Combining the latest technologies in Virtual Reality (VR) and Image Recognition (IR), we provide the most seamless way of planning, iterating and designing the most attractive stores at extremely low cost and short design time.

You wouldn’t go back to traditional store design methods gain. We promise!


Analyse every pixel from your in-store cameras to automate and manage your store.

In-Store video analytics can help assess your customer satisfaction, promotion strategies, store design, and measure performance of different aisles and product placement. A comprehensive suite of video analytics solution which automatically takes the in-store video feed and produces real-time analytics based on event-detection can revolutionize the way you manage your daily store activities.

Right from understanding your customer demography, accurately computing your footfall, to measuring performance of different parts of your store can be done using click of a button.

Want to experience the next-generation analytics tool for your retail store? Reach out to us and we can setup your customized dashboard right away!


Automatically detect age, gender and other demographic information of every customer


Detect and recognise every single customer who enters your store to accurately compute footfall automatically.


Automatically identify the most visited parts of your stores and aisles that sell more through visual heat maps.


Do more with our in-store analytics such as dynamic queue management, display ad effectiveness, understand customer loyalty and more.


Automating cataloging, search and recommendation  using artificial intelligence

Online retail store boast wide range of products, ease of search, convenience of home delivery and price competitiveness over offline retail. As online catalogs grow, retailers find it extremely difficult to organise and make them searchable well. This problem is exacerbated in market-place model where there are numerous sellers uploading product information into online retailer’s catalog dynamically. Infilect provides fully automated solution to organise and make search and recommendation seamless with image recognition technology.


Automatically tag photos with fine-level attributes and organise your catalog instantly!

Online retail catalogs in marketplaces have products uploaded by numerous merchants at different points of time in different formats. One major pain point for e-tailers is maintaining a richly tagged catalog that consist of all important tags of the product correctly attached in order to make organisation, search and recommendation seamless. Our deep learning based photo classifiers identify subtle features of photos and tag photos with fine attributes that can be used for categorisation and curation.


Customers love choices! Give your customers relevant recommendations.

When a customer searches an online retailer’s site for a particular product, the retailer usually uses textual tags about the product to show related or recommended products. Textual tags do not capture detailed similarity aspects of products eg, shapes, patterns etc. that are key aspects in showing relevant products. Wouldn’t it be great to show products that look similar in the same category or complementary category? We got you covered with our state-of-the-art visual similarity technology!


Instantly connect social photos to your e-commerce products.

Turn photos in social photo streams or user generated content (UGC) into “e-commerce gateways”. Our advanced visual discovery technology, identifies different objects in a photos, categorises them automatically and matches them directly to actual product in e-commerce portals that can be purchased directly. Helping you enable visual search with minimal integration. Give it a try!


Actionable customer insights and analytics for your retail business at your finger tips!