Transforming In-Store Retail Through Computer Vision


Derive deep insights from retail images and videos through Artificial Intelligence

Every day, consumers interact with products created by retail brands in several retail outlets. They come in contact with marketing materials that brands create to communicate their value add add brand messaging. Capturing these interactions and understanding them to the finest level can provide a gold mine of information for retailers and brands to improve their product offerings, operations and delight customers with unmatched experience. Every day these interactions are already captured through video cameras as well as images from visual merchandising partners who manage retail shelves. Retailers and brands have this rich data stored without scalable ways of deriving insights from them. This remains as “dark data” that contains deep insights that can turn businesses.


At Infilect, we specialise in deriving insights from such “dark data” through advanced deep learning and artificial intelligence technology. We have built strong proprietary technology that parses retail videos and images at scale to the finest level and derive insights that can help improve today’s retail in a multitude of ways.

InfiArt: Transforming creatives to attract consumer attention in real environments

Be 100% sure your creatives work when executed in real environments. 

Creative agencies design numerous marketing creatives in various forms to attract consumer attention in different real-world environments such as airports, malls, and highways to communicate with consumers the right branding message, offers and value add they bring using products advertised. They create digital marketing creatives to attract audience through various digital channels such as social media, search and other channels. How does a creative agency make sure that all their creatives attract consumer attention? InfiArt is a first of its kind solution that gives objective feedback on how creatives will perform in real environments to creative designers and help them improve their marketing creatives.


InfiViz: Retail Shelf Intelligence

Gain Infinite Visibility into Your Retail Reality

Consumers love choices and in today’s hyper competitive retail world, there is a vast amount of choices for consumers to choose from when they enter into a retail store. It is extremely critical for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands to understand how their products are sold in every retail store. Shelves become the ultimate touch point for consumers to first interact with the product. Brands who wish to win this “first moment of truth” should have complete control and visibility on how their products are sold.


InfiEye: Retail Video Analytics

Gain deeper understanding of retail operation and customer experience in real time

Nowadays, in retail stores and malls a lot of information is captured in the form of videos, which are primarily used for loss prevention, theft analysis and mostly post-morterm analysis when a mishap happens. Real-time video analytics can unravel a mountain of insights from videos captures in-stores and help improve store operations and customer experience. Infilect has created an industry leading smart camera (based on AWS Deeplens) that captures and processes videos in real-time in the device and send interesting events to the store owner.



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